The Real Cost of Your Coffee

Coffee is food. Handle with care.

The cost of your coffee should indicate craft-roasted whole beans grown with love. There should be good reasons for a higher price tag, reasons which include most of the following words: Fair Trade, shade grown, single source, organic, fresh roasted. Quality is worth it.

So we were shocked to read in the New York Times that some of the most expensive coffee in the world comes from little plastic cups — single-use, single-serve coffee capsules. It can cost more than $50 a pound for the coffee in K-Cups®.

That’s not the good stuff. That’s preground, oxidized coffee that’s been sitting on a shelf likely for months before you taste it.

How much is your coffee?

So Much Waste is Not OK

Single cup doesn’t have to mean single use.

Let’s just say it: most single-serve coffee makers out there today are incredibly wasteful. Coffee capsules combine plastic, paper, and aluminum in a way that leaves them difficult to recycle. And even if those disposable K-Cups® do someday become recyclable, it would still take too much energy to process them.

Remember Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?

So do we. That’s why we’ve developed the YouBrew® — the only electric single-serve-enabled coffee maker that lets you use the freshest beans to make your cup the way you like it.

The only system we lock you into is the one that grows and roasts incredible coffee. The leftover grinds? 100% biodegradable.

What Makes Coffee Good?

Coffee is all about personal preference. There’s no one perfect taste for everybody. Instead, you need to make little tweaks along the way to brew the best cup for you.